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  1. Lately, I have been largely uninterested in TV shows, but the ones that I have enjoyed tend to have some or all of these qualities, most of which you mention. I go for shows that, in the first couple episodes, allude to the scope of the plot/conflict and introduce characters that feel like they were created with a depth of character already in mind. Similarly, I go for shows that have a story to tell and the creators are prepared to end it when the story is finished. If I see there’s something in the neighborhood of 15 or so episodes per season, chances are there won’t be filler episodes and I’m willing to take the chance that the plot moves too fast instead.

    For drama, I stay away from “soap opera” or teen-oriented type shows. For comedy, I tend to stay away from irreverant style shows. I need something witty and clever, not just dry and awkward.

    In short, I like purposeful, thoughtful and deliberate writing, with the immediate anticipation of plot or character development; it’s gotta be smart and mature; good acting is a bonus too.

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