Over the past several years I’ve gotten into podcasting and the like. This page serves not only as a spot to contact me about becoming part of a project you’ve already started or want to start from a production or editing perspective but also as a one stop spot to find examples of my work. There are numerous examples on the TMOL section of this website of some of the simpler set ups I’ve done for audio/podcasting and if you’re looking for more examples please check out LFOD Radio ,  Geek Ronin and The Art of Storytelling all of which you can find on iTunes, Spotify, Google Play and various other podcast apps.

Average cost per episode is $50. This includes any and all editing for a very straightforward and simplistic podcast. I also have the means to write and record music for themes and add more production to your desired audio, but as is common in literally everything else, the more work that needs to be done the more money it will cost. These prices can be negotiated but I do reserve the right to hold firm on bare minimum prices. If you’re interested in any of my services contact me at