Over the last few months I’ve started to take a step back and really think about what I want “That Beard Guy” and “Ten Minutes or Less” to be and what they could be. I’ve come to somewhat of a conclusion on that, which is why I’m finally posting here after almost 2 months of being absent. That conclusion is that, though I do enjoy and will continue to create content for the people that are interested and for myself, I seem to be better suited as a behind the scenes type of guy. I really and truly enjoy joining projects and trying to help them get to the next stage of whatever they are trying to accomplish. Whether that is audio based like LFOD Radio, Geek Ronin and The Art of Storytelling, (spoilers, Law has some cool shit in store for you guys/gals/non-binary) or in the form of creating scripts and stories to be told on other mediums, (those I can’t really talk about), or pretty much anything that I can lend my varied/somewhat limited expertise to.

One of the few benefits to trying so many different fields of work and trying to start several businesses that never fully got off the ground is having a list of things NOT to do in those situations and the ability to pick things from one medium or sector and apply it to another with some success. In short, I plan on making “That Beard Guy” into a small production company. Now, I won’t filing for an LLC any time soon but if you have a project that you’d like help with in any capacity, I’m always interested in helping in any way I can.

My plans are to focus on helping brands build up and grow. I’ll be primarily focusing on audio as that is my strong suit, but I’m working towards adding at least some graphic design and video work into that fold as well. “That Beard Guy” will essentially be my own imprint under a larger umbrella, which will be Geek Ronin. I’ll be doing my own thing but will also be collaborating with TAOS by Law and Successfully Failing Studios.  We will eventually add others into the fold but that really remains to be seen. Cool things are in the mix and I’d like to thank those that have been sticking around. Fingers crossed that this hard work will pay off.