Alright, episode 2 is so of a side story but very much like the first 5-10 episodes, it helps to set a spectrum that the season will sit in. This episode starts off like all of them do, with something outright weird and disturbing happening with absolutely zero context to it. Along the way you find out about how it was a case that Olivia and John Scott had in the last year, (get used to the John Scott thing for the first half of the season, it does a lot of set up work but honestly you’ll sort of forget about him after a while). The break in the case revolves around a research experiment that Walter had done, (and you’ll start to notice a pattern that almost all of the crazy shit that happens revolves around Walter from the past, it’s going to seem ridiculous but I promise there is a pay off and it’s worth it when it happens). This episode is a solid second episode but it really doesn’t do much for the main storyline except for setting up Massive Dynamic and Nina Sharp as shady enterprises. The MD aspect and Nina’s involvement in the whole of the series and main plot is crucial. There is more than meets the eye with Nina and when you meet William Bell, it’s awesome.

I’ll be adding the next episode on Tuesday, until next time.




Ok, so last week I said that I was going to review/recap the first several episodes of the tv series FRINGE. I picked the first 4 because it left off on a really interesting plot development and it was a turning point for one of the main characters. Ok, so basically there are going to be spoilers in this for people that haven’t seen the series but if you’re one of the types of people that likes having some sort of knowledge before and while they watch this my benefit you. I’m not going to go super in depth because, honestly, I want you to watch the series and these are more like hints that I’ll be throwing your way.

So we’ll start with the pilot, (no shit, huh?). The show starts off, well you should really just watch the intro here, because seeing it is much better than me trying to describe it. Anyway, we find our main character Olivia Dunham bumping uglies with her secret lover John Scott. We find out that they work for the government, FBI if I’m not mistaken. They get called, separately, to the airport for the Hamburg incident. You get to see all of that. Things don’t really don’t start ramping up until something happens to Agent Scott, while he and Dunham are pursuing a suspect. This leads Dunham to pulling Dr. Walter Bishop out of a mental asylum, with EXTREME reluctance of his son Peter Bishop. Walter. Peter and Olivia do their thing and eventually save Scott, though he ends up trying to kill them almost immediately after he’s mobile. It is important to note that this is the first of many times that the sensory deprivation tank is used in the series. In fact it’s pretty damn important later on in the series. Another interesting thing to pay attention to is the conversation between Charlie and Olivia in the car near the end of the episode. It WILL be referenced later on in the series.

I’ll continue this tomorrow. Until then,




Dear reader(s?),
I write this to you while I listen to AC/DC plays Let There Be Rock. It’s the live album, “If You Want Blood, You Got It”. Probably one of my favorite records. It reminds me of childhood. But that is beside the point. I’m writing you this pseudo-letter because I’m currently in the middle of packing for Comic Bar Con. It’s 02/10/2018, this Saturday, at the Nutty Irishman in Long Island. So many awesome people are going to be there, good music will be played, beer/drinks will be had and art will be made in one medium or another. And did I mention that this event was free? Yeah, it’s free. Now, fret not dear reader(s, I’m really hoping there is more than one person reading…?), there will be other events like this in the future and hopefully not just on Long Island. But we can talk about that when we get closer to making that a reality. In the mean time, LET THERE BE LIGHTS! LET THERE BE SOUND! LET THERE BE DRUMS! LET THERE BE GUITAR! LET THERE BE ROCK!

Peace out cub scouts,




So today has been a lazy snow day. The lady and I watched Mulan after we cleaned the apartment to The Who’s “Who’s Next” and AC/DC’s “If You Want Blood, You Got It”. There hasn’t been much going on. I started watching the Fringe tv series again and I have to be honest, it’s still as good as I remember. It’s been fun watching that series the last few times, and yes you read that right. I said “the last few times”. I have watched the series at least three times and every time I watch it, there are new things that I see that reference something that happens later in the series. Like a conversation that happens at the end of the first episode happens almost the exact same way between the same characters and yet it’s about something totally different. I plan on doing a small series on this show, but I’m thinking it would be better to do it in parts per season as opposed to every episode. There are smaller plot lines happening throughout the show that give you the series in smaller chunks if you catch onto them. I’ll also be doing observer sightings throughout the show and a whole bunch of other stuff that pops up throughout.

The band is going well, if you’d like to check out our songs head to the audio page here. We plan to get a website rolling in the near future. We want to get some things done, straighten out where everything is going to fit. Personally, my goal for the project is to be able to gig on a regular basis but not really to grow into a giant thing. I’m really looking for something that will possibly or definitely get us paying gigs but not to the point of having to travel extensively. A solid local band, as it were. We’ve been working on our current batch of songs for quite a bit but have recently started to really tighten them up and finish them. New songs are starting to take shape and hopefully we’ll be recording some new demos and eventually a professional EP. You can follow everything here. That’s all I have for you today, new post tomorrow. Peace out cub scouts.



So, yesterday I got my Illumicrate “Howler Edition” in the mail, (it took forever because it was from overseas, but it was well worth the wait), and I won’t lie, I was wicked excited. It came with a whole bunch of character art, bookmarks, a mug, a beanie, a tote bag, stickers, a keychain and of course, the new book: Iron Gold. Iron Gold, by Pierce Brown, is the fourth book in what was originally a trilogy of sci-fi future distopian novels. The trilogy, and now saga, is titled Red Rising. The series is fucking spectacular. It was the kind of series that I gave up sleep for. I honestly would put it up there with The Passage trilogy, by Justin Cronin, (I’ll probably do a whole series of blog posts on the passage, fuck I might just start going through my favorite books and tv series and talk to you guys about them).

Red Rising, Golden Son, Morning Star are about Darrow and his war to save humanity. In the future that Darrow lives in, humankind has been separated into colors. But not in the sense of the word that we, today, would use it but a touch more to the literal side. Darrow is a Red, which is the lowest of the low. They mine Helium 3 from the heart of Mars, never to see the light of day. But there are thirteen other colors,  all with specific physical features and jobs. Your color, which essentially represented what species (for lack of a better word) of human you were; and your sigil, which were physically implanted into the tops of your hands, decided your job, where you could live, what you ate, who you were above in station and below, and even the information you received from the only news source you were given. Something happens to Darrow that propels him into another world, where he must defeat those who wronged him and try his damnedest to keep his promise. Now, I won’t tell you what that promise is or anything else for that matter because I want you to read it and discover this stuff on your own. That’s what made it so addictive for me was how each chapter ended with more questions than answers, it just makes you want to keep going. If you like futuristic, sci-fi, action, spy, war, love stories, hero’s quest, thriller, (I’m just listing shit now.). If you like any of those things in a story that I just listed, you’ll enjoy this series.

The one regret I’m having right now is that I have to wait until after Comic Bar Con to read it because I won’t do anything else. I have to keep the rhythm going. But once I do start reading it, I’ll be doing a post here about my thoughts and reactions to shit happens in this book. If you’re reading this and are in the NYC/LI area on Feb. 10th, come out to CBC. It’s a free show and a lot of cool artists and people will be there. Don’t miss out. Peace out cub scouts!


I posted earlier on my Instagram, (@iamthomastbg), about my D&D character Eo and how I would give more of an explanation to the picture I posted. Eo, (pronounced Yu), started off as a very basic idea. She came about more as a look than a specific character.  My brother and I had been talking about this campaign that he was building, (which we are currently playing), at Denny’s at like 2am after I think New England Metal/Hardcore Fest. In fact, I think we had talked about this campaign on the ride to the festival and multiple times before; to and from concerts we had gone to over the last year or so. Regardless, I hadn’t given much thought to playing until that particular evening.

While we were waiting for our food, the thought popped in my head of a smaller, slender woman in monks garb, carrying two katana’s like a samurai sitting atop a giant elk. Almost immediately after I told him what I was thinking for a character, if I was to play in his campaign, my brother smiled and told me that we could build such a character. And thus the character was born. I honestly didn’t have a name for her until months later when my wife recommended a book she thought I might like. The book, and coincidentally the series, was called Red Rising by Pierce Brown. In it, the hero Darrow, fights against an oppressive caste system that plagues humanity’s future. Eo was his wife. I thought it would be interesting to sort of switch the roles of the characters around and named my small and slender but strong and independent female character Eo.

Eo’s background is still in development, as in I don’t have 100% of the details ironed out. But what I do have is this: She came from the western part of the super continent that this campaign and her story takes place on. She was a devote monk and a student of the discipline of Bushido. She was banished from her monastery for practicing in the art of Kenjutsu, (sword fighting). From that point on in her life, she wandered the continent, becoming more of a ranger than a monk, (she’s a multiclass Monk/Ranger in the campaign), achieving somewhat of a kinship with nature and the creatures that inhabited it. That was until she found The Heartwood and began study under Juno and Anthony. Her philosophy and wisdom from Juno and her tenacious fighting from Anthony.

She maintains a strict adherence to Bushido but tends to relax her codes when she bonds with those who surround her. She is the most ravenous in battle when defending what she perceives as her home, which is The Heartwood. Darrow, her elk, is her most trusted companion and because of her time as a ranger/wanderer before The Heartwood, she is able to speak his language. She carries duel katanas on her at all times and Darrow also carries with them a Longbow with two separate quivers of arrows, darts, one full staff, a magic quarterstaff and a sacred quarterstaff used by the monks in The Heartwood. I’ll continue to add to her background and also plan to use here as a secondary character in The Arbiter’s Tome, but that’s all I have for now. Peace out cub scouts!



Art by @bulletproofturtleman



I currently have a short issue comic available on Comixology and at Inbeon called Hail Odin. It was originally going to an alternate version of the Norse creation mythos. However over the last few years, I’ve been doing more and more reading about the pantheon of Gods and the mythos surrounding them that I’ve decided to change up the story. It’s one of those deals where I feel like changing the stories and myths around would be more of a disservice to the particular lore and wouldn’t present a good “what if” tale. So the direction that I’m heading in is an illustrated novel in which after the creation of the universe and the 9 realms, Odin disappears from Asgard to explore the newly formed cosmos, (this is something that he does often). He returns months later, no one really knowing what happened. My story would take place inside the time that Odin left Asgard and his return.

The Odin from my original story would still have the same background and characteristics as he did before but instead of being dropped back in time, he is dropped into an alternate universe in which the Gods do exist. He must work with the Gods to locate and save the universe’s Odin. The story will include mention of most of the pantheon. It should play out almost like a Dungeons and Dragons campaign. A hero’s quest, or quite possibly and anti-hero’s quest.

The other set of stories I’m working on is currently titled “Arbiter’s Tome – Juno and Anthony”. That probably won’t be the final title but it works for now. Some of the details are in my last post to this page, just below this one. But this story sprang from a D&D campaign that I’m currently playing. The characters and setting are a combination of our collective imaginations. You’ll definitely be seeing his name credited when the story is done. But the idea for the story and setup sort of sprang out of Game of Thrones, or rather the actual novel series A Song of Ice and Fire. I honestly don’t remember what the actual name of the book was but it was the book that kept a log of everything that the Kings Guard and it’s members had done. And I felt like that was a good device to use to tell the story of an older age in a universe that I built for a different series called “The Uprising”, which is another post entirely, (seriously, there is a lot to this particular series and it’s not even done yet). But the first set of stories is going to be about an Arbiter for the Heartwood, how he became the Arbiter and the stories of his two familiars.

The story will mainly follow Juno and it will have sections that include Artemis, Anthony and Eo. I’ll elaborate more on these characters in the next post a bit more, but suffice it to say that they will all have equally interesting parts to play and will connect with a multitude of other stories that I’d like to finally put pen to paper on. I will keep you apprised as always on here. Talk to you next time.




These are some notes on the premise and idea’s that I have for a short story anthology, that will hopefully be finished and published in time for NYCC. This is in no particular order, it’s just a transcription of notes taken on my phone.

Arbiter’s Tome – Juno and Anthony (working title)

Takes place on a distant planet. It’s had many names but currently it’s called Sloane. It has two realms: the physical and the magical.

The Heartwood is part of the magical realm. It is a mega tree that is connected to and protector of an entire rain forest. Once a piece of it is ingested all physical barriers of communication are destroyed. Any knowledge of the tree and it’s people are acquired. Language, visual acuity and physical attributes are heightened and leveled with the other members of the population.

In times of emergency a hive mind will take over in order to defend the tree and forest. The tree will select an arbiter. The arbiter becomes/is the physical embodiment of the Heartwood and it’s intelligence. The arbiter has the ability to control any plant life that is connected to the Heartwood. This includes movement, growth, appearance and more. There is typically only on arbiter but there have been multiple at one time. The Heartwood is home to many creatures, races and plant life.

Arbiter(s) for the story is(are) Juno (~1200 yrs old) and Anthony (~700 yrs old), Juno is “touched”, which means he is able to perform supernatural/magic acts. His particular practice, (Ten Pillars Tradition), allows him to acquire a surrogate or familiar. Prior to Anthony, he had a familiar named Artemis. Artemis was killed in battle against the Wight Kind and his army of mechanically enhanced beings. She was struck down by a half-giant foe, a blow halved the hilt of the King’s Glave and herself. Anthony, who was fighting nearby, took up the broken butt end of the hilt and threw it into the eye of the combatant that had felled his comrade. The jagged end hit the foe in the left eye and upon picking up the bladed half of the Glave, took out the half-giant with a slash to each knee and downward swing to the top of its skull.

Juno is 5’9″, slender but muscular. His skin is dark drown with a texture of tree bark. His hair is a massive mane of thick curly hair and roots. Anthony is 6′ and is also slender but muscular. His skin pale white with swatches of dark browns and blacks, (resembling the bark of a white birch tree). His hair, jet black, looks like long grass swept to its side by a strong, consistent wind.