Six Degrees – Usagi Yo-Craig? Nah, Just Craig.

And so, we arrive here at the end of season two with the final full interview. This was a very interesting conversation I had with a gentleman that I met last year at a convention up in Maine. He’s a fantastic artist and his name is Craig Holland. Now, I’m going to level with you here, I really don’t know Craig all that well. But to be honest I kinda like the idea of interviewing people that I either barely know or don’t know at all because I have no preconceived notion of what they may answer and let me tell you Craig did not disappoint. He’s a nice guy, a talented artist, someone easy to have a conversation with and has a fantastically odd but endearing sense of humor. It was a pleasure to meet him last year and I feel like we had a great conversation for this show. I hope our paths cross again, sooner rather than later. You can find Craig on instagram @chollandart and his websites: and

Thanks to Danny Roman of Successfully Failing Studios for the artwork. You can follow him on Instagram @therealdannydarko and on Twitter @iamdannydarko. Thanks to Uncle Sam from LFOD, (and the first season), for letting me use the song “You Can Still Call” off of 24in24. The song was written and performed by Time and Lepp and produced by Pure Fact. You can find that and other music on their SoundCloud and you can also listen to LFOD Radio, (which I produce), on the very same app you’re listening to this podcast on, just hit subscribe and listen. Oh, and before I forget: head over to, check out what they can do for you, (which is a lot. Like web design, hosting, they publish comics, they’ve got art and art supplies and so much), and if you decide to purchase anything, use my code iamTBG for 10% off

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