Six Degrees – Thomas, Your 1976 Bates High School Prom King

Two weeks left in Season 2 and this week’s episode features a friend with a familiar name. I met Thomas at a show in Boston on Thanksgiving weekend in 2016. I had gotten the tickets for my brother and I but wasn’t able to make it. The downstairs at the Middle East was decorated in the likeness of the Bates High School prom from the movie Carrie. We were there to see a band that we both have a mutual love for Ice Nine Kills. Thomas showed up in a white suit and was actually voted Prom King that night and was invited up on stage for one of their last songs “Hell in the Hallways”, (which is based on Carrie). Thomas and I became fast friends and have been ever since. He’s a kind, generous, outgoing, funny, energetic guy who always seems to see the bright side of situations. It’s been awesome knowing him and hopefully we see each other again, sooner rather than later. Thanks to Danny Roman of Successfully Failing Studios for the artwork. You can follow him on Instagram @therealdannydarko and on Twitter @iamdannydarko. Thanks to Uncle Sam from LFOD, (and the first season), for letting me use the song “You Can Still Call” off of 24in24. The song was written and performed by Time and Lepp and produced by Pure Fact. You can find that and other music on their SoundCloud and you can also listen to LFOD Radio, (which I produce), on the very same app you’re listening to this podcast on, just hit subscribe and listen. Head over to, check out what they can do for you, (which is a lot. Like web design, hosting, they publish comics, they’ve got art and art supplies and so much), and if you decide to purchase anything, use my code iamTBG for 10% off. Thanks again. And remember: Love, Life and whatever the case is…

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