Six Degrees – The Art of Kimbo

Happy Merica Day everyone, hope everyone still has all of their digits and limbs. This week is the second of the full interviews and it’s with one of my favorite people: Kimbo Henry. I met Kimbo a few years back at a convention, (I want to say it was Inbeon Con), and we were pretty much friends right off the bat. This guy has some serious art chops and usually knows the best way to troll you. Whenever I talk to him or see him, he’s always got something interesting or thought provoking to say. When he’s not pushing people’s buttons on social media or kicking ass and taking names in his game of choice, he’s one third of the webcomic “You Can’t Be Serious”, (which you can find on I’m sure he does a bunch of other stuff but I try not to get too much into the man’s business. He’s intelligent, skilled, funny and almost always willing to have a conversation. If you aren’t following any of his social media, you’re missing out.

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