Six Degrees – I Am Above The Law!

Welcome to the second half of season two of Six Degrees.This week starts the full interviews, one each week for the next six weeks. This week is someone who has literally answered every question I’ve put together for this show. He recently put out an episode of his own podcast, (TAOS by Law), answering season one’s questions, he participated in this season and this past weekend he sat down with me to answer season three’s question with my wife as bonus content for next season. I am, of course, talking about Law. I met Law in the summer of 2015 and, not to be cliche, we were immediately best friends. It was like that moment in Step Brothers where they realize they’re so similar, except without the bickering first. Law is a hard working, fast learning, kind, caring and reliable individual. We’ve had many a crazy night, weekend or week for the last several years and I can honestly say I don’t see that changing any time soon. You can find Law and all of the amazing things that he does at and on social media with the same handle: @taosbylaw. The mans a photographer, videographer, event planner, podcaster, youtuber and so much more, please check him out. You can find me on facebook/twitter/instagram @iamthomastbg and on my website If you’re listening on a podcast app, please rate, review and subscribe to help get the word out. These two seasons are a good start but I think this can be even better with the newer seasons in the works. Thanks to Danny Roman of Successfully Failing Studios for the artwork. You can follow him on Instagram @therealdannydarko and on Twitter @iamdannydarko. Thanks to Uncle Sam from LFOD, (and the first season), for letting me use the song “You Can Still Call” off of 24in24. The song was written and performed by Time and Lepp and produced by Pure Fact. You can find that and other music on their SoundCloud and you can also listen to LFOD Radio, (which I produce), on the very same app you’re listening to this podcast on, just hit subscribe and listen. Thanks again. And remember: Love, Life and whatever the case is… 

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