Six Degrees – Amanda Shea All Day

Here we are again, the beginning of the second half of the season. If you’ve been listening for any number of episodes you would know by now what’s going to happen next. If you’re just joining the show, I suggest you at least go back to the beginning of this season, if not the beginning of the series to really grasp what’s about to happen, but you don’t have to if you don’t want to. This week’s episode is the first of the six full conversations with the people you’ve been listening to for the last six weeks. Amanda Shea was the first person I interviewed for this season and it was an absolute pleasure to be able to talk to her. If you listen to LFOD Radio, (head back to season one to listen to Uncle Sam’s answers he’s the founder and host of LFOD), you’ve undoubtedly heard Amanda. This lady is a fucking beast and I mean that in the absolute best way possible. Not only does she co-host LFOD Radio, but she’s a poet, a model, an activist, a promoter and manager, not to mention a mainstay in the Boston Hip Hop community. This amazing, intelligent, thoughtful, driven lady took time out of her busy day to talk to me and answer my outlandish questions about time travel and other crazy shit.

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