Six Degrees – Wait, Back to the Future is Bullshit?

Is time a giant flowing river that will change course if you alter it? Is it a giant network of infinite streams? Is time really a thing or is it just a construct? Is Back To The Future bullshit? What about Bill and Ted or Fringe or Sliders? While we’re at it, did Avengers: Endgame get it right? What is Deja vu?  All of these questions get touched upon in this week’s episode, the halfway point of season three.

Six Degrees – Senses Fail, Not Just A Catchy Band Name

Have you ever been asked the question: If you had to lose either your sight or hearing, which would you choose? How impossible of a choice is that? I mean, obviously there are people that are born blind or deaf, but having to choose, almost seems cruel. Well, what if I upped the ante and had you choose from you five senses. What would you be willing to go without? Never mind blindness or deafness, would you be able to go without being able to physically feeling anything? Could you bear to lose your sense of smell? Better yet, could you go without being able to taste the food you eat? This is the topic of this week’s episode.

Six Degrees – This Is A History Report, Not A Babe Report

History is a funny thing. We know so much and yet so little about people that we learn about in middle and high school from textbooks or from documentaries or biographies. Wouldn’t it be interesting to be able to travel to a place and time that isn’t our own and talk to someone that we know of but don’t really know? Whether to meet a hero, pick the brain of an innovator or even to find out where you came from? That is the topic of this week’s episode.