Six Degrees – What Were We Thinking In High School?!

High school was an important and formative time in everyones life. Whether it was enjoyable or not is another story entirely, but we all remember it and what we were like during our teen years. One thing that everybody holds onto from that time is the music we listened to. Some of us never changed the genre of music we listened to, other have moved on for the most part. But one thing remains the same: we all still have a favorite artist or band from then that we still enjoy now. That is the topic this weeks question explores.

Six Degrees – The Eternal Battle: Candy Vs. Presents

From the beginning of October to the end of December, the US has four major holidays. Arguably, the two biggest and most loved are Halloween and Christmas. Both based on pagan holidays but very much opposite in the way in which they are celebrated today. And if you don’t believe me about Christmas, look it up. It was called Yule, (Yul), and in America it was illegal/banned for a good chunk of time. Regardless, most people usually have a preference of which they enjoy more. That is the question we will explore this week. Welcome to the second season of Six Degrees. You can find me on twitter/instagram @iamthomastbg, facebook @Iamthomastbg and on my website If you’re listening on a podcast app, please rate, review and subscribe to help get the word out. This first season was a good start but I think this can be even better. Thanks to Danny Roman of Successfully Failing Studios for the artwork. You can follow him on Instagram @therealdannydarko and on Twitter @iamdannydarko. Thanks to Uncle Sam from LFOD, (and the first season), for letting me use the song “You Can Still Call” off of #24in24. The song was written and performed by Time and Lepp and produced by Pure Fact. You can find that and other music on their SoundCloud and you can also listen to LFOD Radio, (which I produce), on the very same app you’re listening to this podcast on. Just hit subscribe and listen.