X-Men Multiverse Part 4

I continue my quest to find common elements throughout the X-Men franchises so I can prove my unintentional Multiverse theory correct. This part explores X-3: Last Stand and my thoughts on how the timelines are actually being presented. Try to follow along.

X-Men Multiverse Part 2

I go over the first film in the original X-Men franchise: “X-Men”, (catchy title…) from 2000. I play Captain Obvious and points out the most outright differences and similarities from the movie and their counterparts in other editions to the franchise(s). As well as expand on/refine my original theory. Buckle up, because this is only part 2. There are a bunch more movies to go through, and I’ll be connecting the dots as I go.

X-Men Multiverse Part 1

That Beard Guy Presents: Multiple Mondays! TBG will be doing serial style episodes every Monday on a specific topic. The first topic is the Unintentional X-Men Multiverse that Fox created.